Fall Chinook Salmon & Coho Salmon

Astoria and the world renowned Buoy 10 Fishery on the Columbia River

This is a don’t miss fishery. Some of the best fishing the NW has to offer is right here in our backyard. People will travel for miles just to partake in this once a year cycle of the Fall Salmon and Coho Salmon that enter the mouth of the Columbia. The buoy 10 seasons varies from year-to-year but typically we are given at least a 20 day harvest starting August 1st. The weather is usually good and the fishing and scenery is fantastic, which makes this a must-do fishing trip every year.   After the Chinook Salmon season closes for retention in Astoria the Coho season continues and to many this is the best time of the year because the crowds are gone and the fishing can be excellent.

Fall Chinook Salmon & Coho Salmon ~Mainstem Columbia ~

Chinook and Coho fishing will continue up the Columbia all the way to the Bonneville Dam. Again these dates vary depending on the season set by the managers but this is a great opportunity for anglers to catch these fish closer the Portland area.

Dates: September – November
**depending on the set seasons

24’ Sled – Seats 6 Guest

Sled: $225 per person

$50 per seat required to book

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~Coastal Fall Salmon & Coho~

We will be targeting these fish down on the Coastal Rivers either the bays, tidewater, or tributaries when the rains hit and bring the river water levels up. “The tug is a drug” this is the truth when it comes to these chinook down here, fighting these this is a game of tug-a-war. with fish reaching 20-40 pounds. Trips on the coast can be fantastic fishing with warmer weather in the early season to cooler temps and rains in the later part of the season.

Trolling, anchoring or back trolling with plugs, casting
24’ Sled – 6 Guest
17’ Drift Boat – 3 Guests
13’ Raft – 2 Guests

24’ Sled: $225 per person

17’ Drift Boat:
$250 singles, $225 per person for two or three Guests

13’ Raft: $275 per person

$50 per seat required to book

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