Winter Steelhead

Renowned for their acrobatics and erratic jumps these fish are heart-pounding adrenaline rushing fights. Winter Steelhead is my favorite time of the year.  Winter is a Steelheader’s paradise. I find so much joy pursuing aggressive steelhead as they swim into the tributaries. These fish pile into the rivers angry and willing to bite from the dead of winter through spring. After fresh rains, Winter Steelhead swarm into the tributaries as they make there way up the river to spawn. We will be hunting Oregon’s Winter Steelhead in search of fresh fighting chrome. This high flying energetic fish will take your breath way. Every Winter Steelheader’s dream is to catch the magical 20lbs mark, a few lucky anglers will attain this and get to put their hands on these elusive mythical creatures. Let’s go make memories and chase the hardest fishing this winter.

Casting, Plug Fishing, Center Pin, Bobber Fishing, Bobber-Dog Fishing, Side Drifting, and Spinners
17’ Drift Boat- 3 Guests
13’ Raft- 2 Guests

17’ Drift Boat:
$250 singles, $225 per person for two or three Guests

13’ Raft: $275 per person

$50 per seat required to book

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